Leon, Nicaragua

After our epic hike to Telica, we decided to use our last day in Leon to visit the city and enjoy the few city time we had left during our trip. We decided to go and visit the Catedral first. You can find on the back wall of the cathedral a small door on the left hand side – there you can buy tickets to visit the roof and the basement of the cathedral. You will have to pay 3$ per person for each. The roof visit doesn’t include a guide, but there are a few rules to follow when you arrive… such as do not walk on the domes as they could break, AND taking your shoes off. The roof was definitely a must – you can get a beautiful view of Leon as well of the volcanoes all around it.

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Telica Volcano Overnight, Nicaragua

It’s been a while since my last travel post. Life got busy with school, the new career start, an unexpected move across the country and probably other stuff I can’t quite get my head around right now. No matter what, I finally got a chance to book a 10 days trip to Central America, after almost a year and a half not leaving the country (!). My partner and I decided to take a well-deserved vacation down to Nicaragua for our Christmas vacations.

Considering the short amount of time we had, we decided to book in a few strategic areas depending on the activities we wanted to do. His request was simple : hike/see an active volcano, and go diving. Mine was simple : I wanted to finally get back into surfing after my last knee injury that took me away from most of my activities for the last year. So here I went and did what I do best – trip prepping fun!

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