Lynn Peak – North Shore

DSCF2743 DSCF2749

Elevation : 720m
9km, 4h
1h from Vancouver

I would categorize this hike as a ‘ nicer ‘ Grouse Grind. No stairs – but roots and steep sections. With some nice view points! Easily accessible in Lynn Park… Good training, that for sure. A nice spot to go on the North Shore!

DSC03804 DSC03805 DSC03808

St. Marks Summit – Cypress

DSCF2527 DSCF2540

Elevation : 460m
11km, 5h
45min from Vancouver

We did this hike in the fall just when the first snowfall arrived. It’s been a while now as I am creating this blog more than a year after I hiked it, but I do remember a good way up at the beginning, followed but a long section in the forest and then the summit where the clouds moved away just as we were having our lunch… And beautiful views.

The Chief – Squamish

DSCF2498 DSCF2484

Elevation : 600m
11km, 6h for the 3 peaks
1h15 from Vancouver

A classic. The Chief. Good work out for sure, different terrains (stairs, rocks, ladders, exposed peaks… up and down between the peaks…) and lots of fun. Great, great views of the Squamish Valley and Howe Sound. A must :o) !

Mount Harvey – Howe Sound

DSCF2426 DSCF2452

Elevation : 1500m
13km, 7-9h
40min from Vancouver

One of the first trail I did when I moved out here… I don’t know what I was thinking ahaha! 4h of steep uphill non-stop before you get to the exposed and rocky peak. We actually decided to go down on the other side of the peak (goes down in the valley between Harvey and The Lions)… the trail isn’t well marked on that side and it took us some time and map/gps to find the trail back to the main lodging road, but we did! Amazing view. Difficult trail for sure. To do on a nice day… The effort isn’t worth it if you don’t get a view up there!

Goat Mountain – Grouse Mtn


Elevation : 300m
8km round-trip, 4h
40min from Vancouver

The trailhead is on top of Grouse Mountain. You will either need to hike up (Grind, BCMC, Flint&Feathers) to the main chalet and then go to the trailhead. Remember you will need to pay 10$ to go down with the skyride from Grouse resort.

This is one of the first trails that I’ve done when I moved to BC. I love it because the views are great and the trail gets technical at the end. Would highly recommend it!

Grouse Grind

Still learning how to use that blog.. .couldn’t figure out how to turn this picture. Just stretch your neck and turn your head :D!
Elevation : 853m
2.9km, 1.5-2h

I know I know. The Grind is a classic of the North Shore. Remember you will have to pay 10$ for the skyride down if you don’t have a Grouse Mountain membership pass. I hate this ‘trail’. For me, it’s just a giant staircase with people who wants to go up too fast and run and train. This isn’t a hike… But if you want to say ‘ I’ve done the Grind ‘ , go for it!!! I’ll take my own little hidden trails on the side ! 🙂