Black Tusk – Garibaldi Lake – Panorama Ridge

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Black Tusk
Elevation :  1740m
24km, 11h

We actually did an overnight trip and combine these 3 hikes. I would totally recommend doing that. It’s a long week-end, but really worth it. The detailed info for each hike is the info for a ‘day hike round-trip’. Distance from Vancouver : 1h45

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Garibaldi Lake
Elevation : 820m
18km, 5h

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Panorama Ridge
Elevation : 1520m
30km, 11h

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We left Vancouver early in the morning and headed out to the trailhead. We hiked up to Taylor Meadows and pitch the tent. From there we took our daypacks and went up  Black Tusk… and then went back down to Garibaldi Lake to hang out, feets in the water. Then we walked back to Taylor Meadows for the night and a good dinner. In the morning we left early for Panorama Ridge, came back to the Meadows, packed the tent away and hiked back down to the parking lot. Over 20km and 20h of hiking in 2 days. That’s what I call a week-end!

Elk Mountain – Chilliwack

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Elevation : 800m
7km, 4h
1h30 from Vancouver

Unfortunately we didn’t get a view on that one. It was really foggy. The trail is actually pretty steep at the beginning until you get to the meadows where the vegetation is really interesting. You can keep going further to Thurston peak if you want but we didn’t that time as there was no view…

Eagle Bluffs – Cypress Mountain

263435_10151303172556101_140154079_n DSCF5385

Elevation : 350m
8km, 4h

Discovered this trail this fall for the first time. A really nice surprise… Steep sections at the start (read – pretty steep and steady) with a nice flat trail at the end to go around the lake and to the view point. Hoping to do this one again snowshoeing or during the summer !


Dog Mountain

DSC06579 DSCF3108


Elevation :  minimal
5km, 2h
45 min from Vancouver

Totally family friendly.. I usually take my non-hikers friends there for their first try. Usually a good one ; nice views, minimal effort, lots of fun. Trail can be busy though! Some up and downs. Trailhead at Mt. Seymour parking.

Lynn Peak – North Shore

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Elevation : 720m
9km, 4h
1h from Vancouver

I would categorize this hike as a ‘ nicer ‘ Grouse Grind. No stairs – but roots and steep sections. With some nice view points! Easily accessible in Lynn Park… Good training, that for sure. A nice spot to go on the North Shore!

DSC03804 DSC03805 DSC03808

St. Marks Summit – Cypress

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Elevation : 460m
11km, 5h
45min from Vancouver

We did this hike in the fall just when the first snowfall arrived. It’s been a while now as I am creating this blog more than a year after I hiked it, but I do remember a good way up at the beginning, followed but a long section in the forest and then the summit where the clouds moved away just as we were having our lunch… And beautiful views.