Upper Shannon Falls – Squamish

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Elevation : 470m
7.5km, 5h
1h15 from Vancouver

Did this hike on a cloudy/rainy day with my brother and his girlfriend. It was a lot of fun ; some technical sections but overall a good workout too. Nice view on Squamish valley and the Chief. Got my first official ‘wasp nest’ attack on that trail.. careful where you step.

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Mt Seymour – Peaks 1-2-3

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Elevation : 450m
9km, 5h
45min from Vancouver


Mt. Seymour is definitely my favorite hiking/snowshoe spot on the North Shore. Easy, with great views that will blow your mind in a second. I’ve done the trail once in the summer and did the 3 peaks. Was harder than I expected, especially with warm weather and sun. ┬áhave done this trail during the winter more often so it is great to see how the mountain actually looks like without the feets of snow covering it !

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Quarry Rock – Deep Cove

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Elevation : 100m
3.8km, 2h
45 min from Vancouver

I love this hike… the view is great, the hike simple (beginning of the Baden Powell trail in Deep Cove) and the treat (Honey Donuts) at the end back in Deep Cove is totally worth the trip! I would highly recommend taking your visitors out there!

Musical Bumps – Singing Pass

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Elevation : 550m
25km, 7h
2h from Vancouver

Amazing trail in Whistler. You start at the Whistler village, just beside the chairlift, and hike up between Whistler and Blackcomb (right under the Peak to Peak gondola) and then all around Whistler mountain. Lots of up and downs (bumps…) and end up coming back to Whistler peak where you can enjoy the Peak-to-Peak ride for free before coming back down with the gondola to the village.


Lindsay Lake

DSCF4211 DSCF4224

Elevation : 1020m
15km, 6h
Distance from Vancouver : 45min


That was a long day as I can remember. It’s a fun hike though. Lots of elevation (I do remember sweating, A LOT), and numerous view points along the way and lakes in the forest. Not too far from Vancouver and great views on Buntzen Lake and Indian Arm.

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High Falls Creek – Squamish Valley

3590_10151256033876101_374050756_n 247639_10151256033946101_1374463184_n DSCF4980

Elevation : 650m
12km, 5h
2h from Vancouver

I really enjoyed hiking in High Falls Creek. There is a lot of different terrains and the trail can be technical at some points. Views are great (if you are lucky enough and the clouds move away).

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