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San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

On my way up to Mendoza, I did a very quick rest stop in San Rafael, where some of the first wineries were opened in the province of Mendoza. I stayed at the Aventura Hostel, right in the center of the town, and a… Continue Reading “San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina”

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have stop counting the times I’ve heard someone tell me how lucky I was to be travelling and discovering so much. A few years ago, I probably would have smile, nodded and thanked them. Now, I became pretty assertive and my typical answer… Continue Reading “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Carmen de Patagones and La Loberia

Almost a month has passed since I arrived in Viedma for a 3 months teaching contract. The town of Viedma is built along the Rio Negro river, which also separates the provices of Buenos Aires and of Rio Negro. The river joins the Atlantic… Continue Reading “Carmen de Patagones and La Loberia”

Viedma, Rio Negro – Argentina

After a long but very comfy 12hrs bus ride from Buenos Aires to Viedma, my homestay family picked me up at the bus terminal. I am staying with them for about 2 months, and will probably move to another family after for my last… Continue Reading “Viedma, Rio Negro – Argentina”

CII – English Immersion Camp Training

Now that the Spanish Immersion Camp is over, we had a full 24hrs of free time to go out in the town of Mercedes and relax at the camp… before we started the week-long training of the English Immersion camps. Needless to say, the… Continue Reading “CII – English Immersion Camp Training”

Brazil – Cafe Hostel and Misti Hostel Leme

The goal of this blog has always been to offer some practical information about hikes and travel. Sharing photos and details about fun activities is one thing, but as long-term travellers we also need to stay somewhere in between (ha!)! With time I’m still… Continue Reading “Brazil – Cafe Hostel and Misti Hostel Leme”