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Leon, Nicaragua

After our epic hike to Telica, we decided to use our last day in Leon to visit the city and enjoy the few city time we had left during our trip. We decided to go and visit the Catedral first. You can find on… Continue Reading “Leon, Nicaragua”

Telica Volcano Overnight, Nicaragua

It’s been a while since my last travel post. Life got busy with school, the new career start, an unexpected move across the country and probably other stuff I can’t quite get my head around right now. No matter what, I finally got a… Continue Reading “Telica Volcano Overnight, Nicaragua”

Niagara Wineries, Ontario

Home is where the heart is?

It seems unanimous this year: everyone on social media is more than happy to say goodbye to 2016, which was a terrible year. Although I must admit that 2016 was quite a tough year around the world (although, in all honesty, I suspect it… Continue Reading “Home is where the heart is?”

Things We Never Talk About

I have been keeping track of some things happening during my trip and thought it was time to share them. Because there isn’t always just the nice photos moments… List of funny moments we never talk about: – “lost” my only pair of short… Continue Reading “Things We Never Talk About”

Few Days in Montreal in Summer

After spending some time with family, I made my way to Montreal to meet up with friends. I am currently spending 3 full weeks in Québec, which is the longest time I’ve been here in just about 5 years. Montreal is not the best… Continue Reading “Few Days in Montreal in Summer”