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Mt. Washington and Forbidden Plateau, Comox Valley, BC

It was a short time for our holidays, so we decided to stay on the island and keep exploring our new backyard. All fully equipped now with my new mini-van DIY camper, we found a campground that was still opened in Comox to stay… Continue Reading “Mt. Washington and Forbidden Plateau, Comox Valley, BC”

Hyperventilation Trail, Fernie, BC

1-2hrs, a bit over 4km round-trip (hard to say exactly depending on where you start) Elevation gain: Roughly 350m Distance from Fernie: 5 min drive on dirt road The trailhead you will need to follow is actually for the hiking/biking trail called “Roots”. In… Continue Reading “Hyperventilation Trail, Fernie, BC”

Island Lake, Fernie, BC

2-4hrs, 14km round-trip Elevation gain: 300m Distance from Fernie: Just about 5min drive West of town! It was a pretty cloudy day, but we wanted to make the most out of our week-end. After looking up the Tourism Fernie website, we decided to hike/snowshoe… Continue Reading “Island Lake, Fernie, BC”

Fairy Creek Falls, Fernie, BC

2hrs, 4km round-trip Elevation gain: 120m Finally taking some time off school to enjoy the outdoors and visit a friend in Fernie. The first trail we did was Fairy Creek Falls – you can access the trailhead just East of the town directly from… Continue Reading “Fairy Creek Falls, Fernie, BC”

Cerro Catedral in winter, Bariloche

As I unexpectedly decided to stay a bit longer in Bariloche after all, I couldn’t resist the idea of going up again in the Andes for a night. The only refugio in the area that is still open at this time (and is all… Continue Reading “Cerro Catedral in winter, Bariloche”

Brockton Point, Seymour Mountain

We did a quick trip up to Brockton point on the way up to Seymour 1st peak. The avalanche risk was Moderate to Considerate due to the recent snowfall, so we decided not to head further up and enjoyed the view with some hot… Continue Reading “Brockton Point, Seymour Mountain”