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Nooksack Crique Trail, Mt. Baker/North Cascade, WA, USA

Distance from Vancouver: 2h30 plus border time 3-4hrs, roughly 11km round-trip Elevation gain: 195m Back to Canada and ready to keep exploring, I decided to spent my last week of my 7 months trip/vacations very close-by. We planned a nice 5 days trip to… Continue Reading “Nooksack Crique Trail, Mt. Baker/North Cascade, WA, USA”

Iceberg Lake and Skywalk South, Whistler, BC

Distance from Vancouver: 2hrs 6-8hrs, 18.5km loop Elevation gain: roughly 1100m, depending on starting point I have been dreaming of hiking this trail for the last year or so, when my friend first told me about it. It has been created by tons of… Continue Reading “Iceberg Lake and Skywalk South, Whistler, BC”

Mount Seymour, Vancouver, BC

Elevation : 450m 9km, 5h 45min from Vancouver And here I am – back home in Vancouver after 6 months on the road. It didn’t take me long before I headed straight up in the mountains to enjoy our local views again. Strangely, I… Continue Reading “Mount Seymour, Vancouver, BC”

Iruya, Salta, Argentina

We left Humahuaca with the 9am bus to Iruya. There are 2 different companies that offer the service from Humahuaca. We ended up buying our tickets with whatever company that has an opened ticket office when we tried to buy (as they seem to… Continue Reading “Iruya, Salta, Argentina”

Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

It is a short drive from Tilcara to Humahuaca. We made our way up there pretty fast after enjoying walking around in Tilcara one last time. We stopped at our new hostel – Hostal La Antigua – in the center of Humahuaca to check-in… Continue Reading “Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina”

Tilcara, Jujuy, Argentina

After a few days in Salta, we hit the road with Roberto Junior (Stig’s car… reminds me a lot of my own baby car which I miss dearly!) and made our way straight to Purmamarca. The road is absolutely beautiful and we had the… Continue Reading “Tilcara, Jujuy, Argentina”