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Goat Mountain – Grouse Mtn

Elevation : 300m 8km round-trip, 4h 40min from Vancouver The trailhead is on top of Grouse Mountain. You will either need to hike up (Grind, BCMC, Flint&Feathers) to the main chalet and then go to the trailhead. Remember you will need to pay 10$… Continue Reading “Goat Mountain – Grouse Mtn”

Grouse Grind

Still learning how to use that blog.. .couldn’t figure out how to turn this picture. Just stretch your neck and turn your head :D! Elevation : 853m 2.9km, 1.5-2h I know I know. The Grind is a classic of the North Shore. Remember you… Continue Reading “Grouse Grind”

Campbell Lake – Harrison

Elevation : 700m 9km, 5-6h 2hrs from Vancouver Early morning, leaving Vancouver at 7am and heading to Harrison Lake to do a nice hike with a friend. Campbell Lake trail (also called the Harrison Grind…… although it has nothing to do with our Grouse… Continue Reading “Campbell Lake – Harrison”