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Telica Volcano Overnight, Nicaragua

It’s been a while since my last travel post. Life got busy with school, the new career start, an unexpected move across the country and probably other stuff I can’t quite get my head around right now. No matter what, I finally got a chance to book a 10 days trip to Central America, after almost a year and a half not leaving the country (!). My partner and I decided to take a well-deserved vacation down to Nicaragua for our Christmas vacations.

Considering the short amount of time we had, we decided to book in a few strategic areas depending on the activities we wanted to do. His request was simple : hike/see an active volcano, and go diving. Mine was simple : I wanted to finally get back into surfing after my last knee injury that took me away from most of my activities for the last year. So here I went and did what I do best – trip prepping fun!

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Renfrew County

Hyperventilation Trail, Fernie, BC


1-2hrs, a bit over 4km round-trip (hard to say exactly depending on where you start)
Elevation gain: Roughly 350m
Distance from Fernie: 5 min drive on dirt road

The trailhead you will need to follow is actually for the hiking/biking trail called “Roots”. In theory when you follow the dirt road to the trailhead, you will go down a very steep slope just before reaching the trailhead. Just don’t – stop before it, otherwise you will have to hike back up all this lost of elevation. There is a small pull out on the left-hand side of the road when you arrive just in front of a smaller logging trail where you can park and start. You will reach the Roots trail shortly on your right-hand side and can keep going up from there.

Oh, and take a minute to actually look back at the trailhead from the trail. Just because the view doesn’t get much better than this for a trailhead…

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Island Lake, Fernie, BC


2-4hrs, 14km round-trip
Elevation gain: 300m
Distance from Fernie: Just about 5min drive West of town!

It was a pretty cloudy day, but we wanted to make the most out of our week-end. After looking up the Tourism Fernie website, we decided to hike/snowshoe up to Island Lake Lodge. We were hoping that we could drive up the road with the Jeep as much as possible, but turned out the gate was closed at the lower parking lot. So we parked and had to hike the entire 7km up to the lake. Because we hiked in the valley, we were able to have some nice views of the surrounding peaks despite the snow falling! The trail is pretty straight forward and large and goes through the valley and beautiful old forest.

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Fairy Creek Falls, Fernie, BC


2hrs, 4km round-trip
Elevation gain: 120m

Finally taking some time off school to enjoy the outdoors and visit a friend in Fernie. The first trail we did was Fairy Creek Falls – you can access the trailhead just East of the town directly from Highway 3. The hike is quite easy, although there was still a bit of snow at this time of the year (Easter week-end). We didn’t need our snowshoes at this point as the snow had been quite traveled in the last few days – so here we went!

The trail splits in one smaller trail on the right, or one larger dirt road closer to the creek. Both will join a bit later into a single trail heading towards the falls. You will eventually see a junction as well for the main Fairy Creek trail, which is heading up towards Mt. Proctor and the Three Sisters trail. Keep left to follow the Fairy Creek Falls signs. Continue reading “Fairy Creek Falls, Fernie, BC”

Ptarmigan Ridge, Mt. Baker, WA, USA


Distance from Vancouver: 2h45 plus border time
7hrs, 18.0 km round-trip
Elevation gain: roughly 530m

On day 5 of my Mt. Baker trip, the last but not the least, we packed up our camp at Silver Fir and drove back up to Artist Point to hike Ptarmigan Ridge. I have hiked this trail last year, although we didn’t get much of a view of Baker due to the fog. This time however, we couldn’t have asked for a better weather to be on the trail – we had a clear, blue sky most of the day and the best views of Mt. Baker I never had. This was definitely the highlight of the trip and makes me feel so grateful to live that close to such beauty!

The trails starts at Artist Point and follows the same common trail that we took to head to Chain Lakes earlier that week. After about 1 mile on the traverse on the back of Table Mountain, we reached a junction with Ptarmigan Ridge Trail (to the left). From there the trails goes around and eventually drops about 60m in the valley before heading slowly back up as you walk towards Coleman Pinnacle and Baker in the background.

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