Looking down on the Upper Lake
Looking down on the Upper Joffres Lake
What we saw!
Volcano viewing in Costa Rica… What we saw!








Recently I’ve been abusing from Facebook with all my posts and photos albums… Moving to BC and travelling the West Coast in the last years made me realize how important little things could be in my life. I continued to follow my passions and ended up meeting amazing people from dance, outdoor clubs, sport teams, etc.


I have decided to pursue some interests that I had for a long time in the next years and I decided to create this little blog to make it easier for me to share information about the hikes, the trips, the dance studios, the surf spots and the places I’ll be visiting. It started as a simple blog for me to keep track of my own trip reports, but now you’ve been many to follow my crazy adventures, contact me with questions on hikes and tell me you’ve find one of my post through a Google search (pretty exciting!)!


Hopefully you find the information you are looking for, or maybe get a little bit inspired by this blog to get out there and ”never stop exploring” !






Enjoying a swim in Pachena Bay.
Enjoying a swim in Pachena Bay.

2 Comments on “About

  1. Hey Anne-Marie,

    This is Alison from Canadian Traveller.
    Yesterday I published a piece about the best Instagram photos around BC. I included a link to your blog, because you posted about Tunnel Bluffs, which is on our bucketlist.

    You can find the article here: http://www.canadiantraveller.com/25_Breathtaking_BC_Instagram_Photos_you_are_Going_to_Want_to_Copycat_this_Summer

    We would be ecstatic if you chose to share the link via your social. Feel free to tag us at @canadiantraveller. Here is a bitly (shortened) link to make it easier: http://bit.ly/235srvJ

    Thanks so much for what you do; explore on!

    • Thanks so much Alison! I will most likely use your post to continue my own bucket-list when I am back in BC in August! Cheers!

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