Cruikshank Canyon Through Paradise Meadows, Strathcona Park, BC

20.4km, 770m elevation gain

Back in July, we booked an AirBnb at Mount Washington, BC with some friends. We took that opportunity to hike through Paradise Meadows (it was my first time in summer!). I had been there before for cross-country skiing in the winter, but had never made it for hikes.

The hike was great and the first portion wasn’t really technical. Lots of board walks, very well-maintained as you pass the main lakes in Paradise Meadows.

The landscape started opening a bit more as we got closer to the Canyon.

The view of the Canyon was beautiful, and it was interesting to see the logging roads through the mountains and down in the valley. On the way back, we decided to loop around the other side of Paradise Meadows to see a different trail. We were quite tired and this section had a lots of small up and downs as well as many more roots and technical sections. Good to keep in mind if you are getting tired and want an ‘easy way out’ to complete your trail.


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