Lima Centro and Parque de la Reserva, Lima, Peru

After our trip to Huaraz, we came back to Lima for our last day before our flight back to Toronto. We were suppose to stay again one night in the same hostel that we used when we first arrived, but after all the bus and the cheap hostel rooms, we decided to treat ourselves to a somewhat better hotel for our last night.

We used this last day to go for a walking tour downtown Lima and visiting the San Francisco Monastery and its famous catacombs. Our tour was about 3hrs long and we had the chance to see the change of guard on the Plaza de Armas.

The visit of the catacombs at the Monastery is not part of the walking tour, but you can get in for a small fee and an organized tour in English or Spanish. We took the one in Spanish because we didn’t feel like waiting for the English tour happening a bit later. Just so you know, pictures are actually not allowed anywhere during the tour… but I’m just gonna leave these here as a sneak peak:

After a nice dinner, we also made our way to the Parque de la Reserva for the famous Water Fountain Show. We heard a lot about it and weren’t too sure what to expect, but we figured it would be a perfect relaxing way to spend our last evening in Peru! We were quite surprised at how large the park actually was, and to be honest, I think walking around seeing the fountains was more impressive than the actual show they put on a few times a night. The show is mainly a digital projection of images on a cloud and mist of water along one of the main water fountain.

It was really easy for us to use the main city transit from Miraflores to the Centro and Parque de Reserva. You just have to be ready for some very close contact and some chaos getting on and off of the trains – be aware of how you carry your purse and pack as well. We found people to be a bit rude and brutal in how they push in and out of the train (coming from Canada, we are much more gentle and respectful of people’s space and line ups!), but that’s what you get if you want to travel for cheap. We didn’t have a transit card, so I ended up asking people at the station entrance to pay for us with their cards and gave them cash in exchange. Worked pretty well for us!

After that last night, we flew back to Toronto early in the morning, which wrapped up our 3 weeks trip to Peru!

Next up – I will tell you more about my holiday trip to Los Cabos, Mexico!


One Comment on “Lima Centro and Parque de la Reserva, Lima, Peru

  1. Great post and fantastic photos. Lima is such a beautiful place to explore and photograph, would love to visit one day and see everything in person. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year to you 🎉❄️⛄

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