Exploring Vancouver Island – Part 2

Living in Victoria now, I have been able to go on some short adventures during the past few months. Any time we get a chance, we get into the camper and drive for a bit to explore new spots, get some new ideas of places we would like to go back, just getting a vibe for our new backyard. 

Earlier this fall, I was able to go explore some sections of the Juan da Fuca trail at Sombrio Beach and Mystic Beach. 

I also decided to join again the Alpine Club of Canada – Vancouver Island section, to meet other hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, and to go out with them explore the best the island has to offer. So far I’ve joined two of their trips, short social hikes to Mt. Benson and Maple Mountain, around Nanaimo and Duncan. 

I also couldn’t help but trying out a new SUP course, so I get used to the area and have a better idea what I’m up against. I guess I didn’t fully realized how Victoria is SUP’s paradise! I did my SUP Touring Level 1 course, and we did a 10km -6h day paddle from Willows Beach, all the way to Discovery Island and back. I have to say, I was quite impressed with the view and the opportunity to know how easy it will be to get out there and paddle!

We also took a long week-end to head up to Port Alberni to explore the fishing spots. No big success on the fishing there, but definitely a lot more ideas of where to go! I just can’t believe how amazing the outdoors opportunities are around here… I’ll have to keep you posted of my next discoveries!

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