SUP day at Cheakamus Lake, Whistler, BC

Full-day trip (8hrs round-trip, slow pace)
6km hiking (round-trip), roughly 12-14km of paddling (round-trip)

Guess I didn’t have enough of Garibaldi Park yet… So my friends and I hiked up to the lake with our inflatables SUP on our backs and paddled the entire lake! You can read a more detailed description of the actual trail to arrive to the lake (only 3km to the first campsite where we embarked on our SUPs!) here. The trail is quite easy and mainly flat, so not very difficult. Make sure you have a steady pack for your SUP, as the 3km can feel very uncomfortable with a pack that isn’t well ajusted.

The lake is about 6km long. We paddled first by crossing on the other side in front of the first campground – then we simply followed the shore entirely until we came back to our departure point.

You will have amazing views of the mountains around, the lake and even Cheakamus Glacier once you arrive at the end of the lake. There you will also find the river that flows and feeds the lake. The water was calm, clear, and there was barely no wind. Must do if you like to paddle!



One Comment on “SUP day at Cheakamus Lake, Whistler, BC

  1. What a fabulous day. The paddle boarding looks amazing especially after a long hike. Brilliant.

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