Hyperventilation Trail, Fernie, BC

1-2hrs, a bit over 4km round-trip (hard to say exactly depending on where you start)
Elevation gain: Roughly 350m
Distance from Fernie: 5 min drive on dirt road

The trailhead you will need to follow is actually for the hiking/biking trail called “Roots”. In theory when you follow the dirt road to the trailhead, you will go down a very steep slope just before reaching the trailhead. Just don’t – stop before it, otherwise you will have to hike back up all this lost of elevation. There is a small pull out on the left-hand side of the road when you arrive just in front of a smaller logging trail where you can park and start. You will reach the Roots trail shortly on your right-hand side and can keep going up from there.

Oh, and take a minute to actually look back at the trailhead from the trail. Just because the view doesn’t get much better than this for a trailhead…

It took me about 20 minutes to reach the actually start of Hyperventilation trail. From there it starts going closer to the mountain in front and start into many switch backs along the side of the mountain. This portion is really steep – 10-20% grade based on biking trails information.

I hiked up all way to the first bench, which offers an outstanding view of the valley and Fernie. The snow was quite tapped and hard, so I didn’t end up using my snowshoes, eventhough I carried them all the way up. This trail leads to the start of Castle Mountain trail as well, that I will have to come back and hike up during summer time…

And I will just leave it there and let you enjoy the view! Easy, short hike, awesome views!


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