Home is where the heart is?

It seems unanimous this year: everyone on social media is more than happy to say goodbye to 2016, which was a terrible year. Although I must admit that 2016 was quite a tough year around the world (although, in all honesty, I suspect it was always was the case, we are just more aware of it now with the easy access of media and (fake?) news across the globe.), 2016 has been for me a turning point in my life.


This last year has been the culmination of so many changes I have worked so hard to make in my life, personally and professionally. A year ago, I was getting ready to call a meeting with my supervisor to announce I was leaving – leaving behind the stability and security, selling my car and furniture, storing whatever stuff I had left in boxes, packing my life in my backpack for the next 6-7 months and coming back to a whole, new, different life and career.


I knew these choices would bring me lots of good (and bad) moments, ups and downs, certainty and doubts, hellos and goodbyes – but I was far from realizing just how amazing the journey would be.


To all of you out there, I wish that next year (and all the others) is as beautiful, transforming, exciting and inspiring as the year I just spent. And I can already hear some of you thinking: “Well yes, that is easy to say when you travel the world and have amazing experiences every day”. Well – to that I would say one simple thing. Get out of your comfort zone. Whatever it may be. And embrace the new experiences, welcome new people in your life and cherish the goodbyes – for these are proofs that you had something (or someone) worth missing in your life.


It hurts not to be able to celebrate New Year with all of you I met on my path – my biggest wish would be to have a chance to hug you all and let you know how much you have all made a difference in my life.


Just for now, I have trade the long hikes and travels for an intensive year in school and a lots of physiotherapy (because active lifestyles also come with some need for maintenance, ha!), so that I can really have this lifestyle that I have always really dreamed of, but was too afraid to go for.


Whatever your dreams are, for the year to come, I wish you to be able to face your fears and do it anyway, embrace your vulnerabilities, listen to your guts (usually it’s the way to go) and keep on exploring!


Happy New Year!




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