Mount Seymour, Vancouver, BC

Elevation : 450m
9km, 5h
45min from Vancouver

And here I am – back home in Vancouver after 6 months on the road. It didn’t take me long before I headed straight up in the mountains to enjoy our local views again. Strangely, I realized I had never done a detailed trip report about hiking Mount Seymour, one of our most popular local mountain (and my personal favorite in town) even though I have been up there I-don’t-know-how-many-times (Read about it here, or here, or even here! Bonus – this time we also had a lovely encounter on the trail… Remember not to get closer to the animals, and leave no trace (as any type of garbage or food left behind will attract them and contribute to how they get used to humans, which is a danger for us and for them).


The drive up to Mount Seymour recreation area is quite simple and can be done quickly when the traffic gods are on your side. It was a very warm week-end in Vancouver, but we headed up around noon. The trailhead is located at the far end of the parking lot (passed the Washrooms and all the buildings) on the right. You will see the ski runs and one of the lifts – follow the Mount Seymour Main Trail on the left hand side. You will go away from the ski run in the forest and start heading up.


The trail is really well marked. You will see on the left hand side a few junctions leading to Dog Mountain trail (an easier hike on Seymour also offering great views for which, again, I have never made a detailed trip report) – keep going right and follow the indications for Mount Seymour first peak.

The trail keeps going up to Brockton Point, a rocky area on the left hand side which has great views on the city and the mountains around. If you are in a rush or with more beginner hikers, it’s an easier and beautiful spot to take them to. The trail then goes back down before going up towards the first peak. At this point you will have a great view on your destination i.e. the first peak right in front of you.


The last portion of the trail is mainly in the alpine, with a lot of sun exposure (make sure you bring bug spray, sun screen and lots of water on this trail on a hot day!).

When you reach the first peak, you will have a great view on the 2nd and 3rd peaks. Follow the main trail that takes you down a bit before heading back up the second peak. The trail between the 2nd and 3rd peak is quite steep and slightly tricky, but if you take your time and watch your step, the reward is absolutely worth it.




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