I am not sure where to start this post. I am sitting here, with an amazing mountain view, contemplating the shapes and colors of the rocks as they change with the shades and the moving sun. My heart is overwhelmed with love, new memories, sights, landscapes, innumerable smiles and laughs, a few really good cries, incredible experiences and deep connections with so many people. The last four and a half months since I first set foot in Argentina just flew by and very soon I will be leaving a country where I now feel like home. A country where I now have family, friends, where I have shared so much love and explored not only the landscapes but equally dug deep inside – taking one more step in discovering, revealing and unleashing myself in my own way to shine.

I have never been really good at goodbyes – as we say here, I would rather just say a “Nos vemos!” and know deep down that life has a way to put on your path the experiences and the relationships you need at this exact moment, if you let it. From Buenos Aires to Mercedes, Viedma, Carmen de Patagones, La Loberia, Puerto Madryn, Punta Tombo, Puerto Iguazu, El Bolson, Bariloche, San Rafael, Mendoza, Cafayate, la Valle de las Lagunas, Salta, Tilcara, Purmamarca, Humahuaca and Iruya – from learning and practicing a third language, to teaching English, trekking and hiking up in the mountains, kayaking in the rain, horseback riding in the Andes, taking selfies with penguins, playing songs and signing with new friends, changing my plans to return to places and people I love…

Somehow I want to say that I will be leaving a piece of me with every place I have visited and with each and every one of you that have crossed my path… but really I am not leaving anything behind. Instead I am bringing back with me every landscape, every cute penguin (I wish), every mountain (especially the ones I have climbed, literally or in my own mind), every encounter, every minute spent with people who shared with me their time, their culture, their love; every laugh, every hug, every kiss and I am keeping it all in a very special place in my heart. In the last months I have taken the time I needed to discover, explore, push my limits (even further) but more importantly to grow, heal and bring this glitter back in my eyes. And I’ve only just started.

I know I will be back one day to explore the South of this beautiful continent… until then, I will wait for you in Canada and keep exploring.

A big thank you, un abrazo, muchos besos y nos vemos… pronto.