Moving forward, goodbye Viedma!

I said in an earlier post that it could take 3 weeks to a month to get used to a new place. Until you build yourself a new routine, meet some people, can walk around and feel part of the new place you just moved to. I spent 3 full months here in Viedma, Rio Negro, after 2 very busy weeks of training at The Borough. 3 months learning a new language, discovering a new community and their culture. If 3 weeks are enough to get used to a new place, 3 months are enough to build yourself a new routine and become strangely familiar to it.

I have met some great people here in Viedma – special thanks to my last host family with who I was able to practice Spanish, English and French every day of the week (guess I said I liked challenges!). You made me feel like home and I hope I get to see you again one day! And Ramon!

Also un abrazo a Sergio y Adriana from Chapa y Pintura on Radio Nacional, who invited me to chat during their weekly radio show on international music. I had a blast discussing the culture of Canada and listening to the great music selection you guys have chosen for the program! It was my first real live radio interview in a studio, so I have to admit doing it in Spanish was a fun challenge!

I met great collegues at school, and had a blast sharing and teaching with some new amazing friends… Special shout to Vero, Dai and Eleri for helping me being part of this new life with them and for all the special moments shared! Also un abrazo muy especial to Abby, another CII Teach Argentina teacher, without who my experience here in town would have been very different. I hope we can meet up again for some hikes or chilling at the river somewhere in the world! Y un abrazo grande a mi profesora de Castellano, Paula, por su paciencia con mi preguntas y dudas sobre la prononciacion, tildes, subjuntivos y… casi todo en mi clases! Y Graciela just for being one of the most inspiring, lively, pure-hearted and sweet woman I’ve met! Y Marisol for all our inspiring chats and your beautiful soul – I am sure we will meet again 🙂

I can’t go on without taking a second to talk about my students from Gaia school! For the last 3 months, I assisted in the classes with 2nd and 3rd grade of the secondary school with the intensive English program.

Thanks to all of you for being patient (most of the time, ah!) as I developed my teaching skills and tried tons of new activities in your classes! I know some of you would rather be doing about ANYTHING else than sitting in a classroom… and trust me it will come in time. Especially for the 2nd year, remember my “”crime scene shit” story once in a while and know that even when you love something, there are times where it won’t be fun and you will rather be somewhere else. Persevere and keep working hard. That’s how you will build the skills you need to do whatever it is you desire. Here’s a little souvenir of the French Canadian Square Dance workshop we did!

It was such a unique experience to participate in some cultural activities at the school (and eating free empenadas… oh my god I will miss these) and also sharing my culture with my groups (I mean… how often do you get to play some Half Moon Run videos in your class as an educational cultural activity!).

I had the chance to join a few dance classes during my time here in Viedma and attend to a few cultural events.

Special thanks to the ladies in my Contemporary dance class at the Centro Municipal de Cultura, for the trust and the authenticity of your participation in the class, as we learned new ways of creating movements and performed during the classes.

Special OLE for the ladies in my Flamenco class at the Asociación Española for having me like one of them mid-semester, trying as much as I can to catch up on your routine and just having fun with the zapateos… It was my first time back on the flamenco dancefloor since my injury in December 2014, and it means the world to me. And of course to my contemporary and flamenco teacher, Magali, for finding me flamenco shoes my size and being such a beautiful and inspiring dancer!


Also some special vibes for the crew in our Taino Baile class (and the best Zumba instructor I have ever met, Carlito!), for being such a blast and being so real, just having fun and being goofy every class! Never left that class without a big smile on my face… Also koodoos for letting me lead one of the song during my last class and making getting in shape such a party!

Cristina y Marcelo, I wish we had more time to hang out while I was in town! I will never forget our quick round-trip to the farm to pick-up some fresh veggies and drop them straight at the super market… AND the free Peanut Butter jar you gave me for the rest of my trip. Small things are what happiness is made of.

Today I am heading West to find my lovely mountains again. Stay tuned!


4 Comments on “Moving forward, goodbye Viedma!

  1. Anne!!! OMG I’m reading this as I cry! You were my big sis for a long time and now the fact that you left is actually hitting me hard. I’m so happy we got to live this experience with you and I hope you’ll remember us as we’ll remember you. Feel free to come back whenever you feel like to…we’ll be waiting for you.Thank you for everything.
    Miss you already!
    Love youuu.

    PS: Ramón misses you too 😉

    • Awwwwnn I just saw this!! Miss you tons too! You are also always welcome in Canada, Anytime! 🙂
      I’ll keep sending you messages and photos on Whatsapp! Xxxxx

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