Viedma, Rio Negro – Argentina


After a long but very comfy 12hrs bus ride from Buenos Aires to Viedma, my homestay family picked me up at the bus terminal. I am staying with them for about 2 months, and will probably move to another family after for my last month in town. So now I have an Argentine mom and dad, and 2 young brothers (10 and 12). It’s definitely quite an experience to go back live with a family after moving out of my own home years ago. The culture is also different, so am taking a bit of time to get use to it (meals at different times, etc.). So far I went to watch one of the boys soccer match and we also went to the birthday of a family member (I also learned they have many more birthdays coming soon, which means I will gain tons of weight from all the cakes they eat here!).

I also took some time to relax the other day as it was my first week-end in a while where I had no specific plans. I started working at the school where I will be for the next 3 months. I will be assisting the English teachers in secondary 2nd and 3rd grades in their intensive English program. The school is called Gaia Ecologica, and it is a private school very close-by to where my homestay family lives (less than a 10min walk, which is very convinient!).

The schedule is a bit confusing to me, as the kids have classes from 7:30AM to 14:30PM almost without a break (25min pause for lunch!). I think I’m pretty lucky with the program, as I am working 4hrs a day, and get mainly all my afternoons free! I have been going around trying to find a good (and cheap) dance class to keep somewhat in shape during my time here… And will keep my week-ends open for further travels are outdoor activities in the area.

The town is lovely with the river separating the province of Buenos Aires and Rio Negro. I am also 30km away from a very nice beach, which I will be visiting no later than this Thursday on an overnight school trip (yes!).

3 Comments on “Viedma, Rio Negro – Argentina

  1. C’est super Anne-Marie… Je te souhaite tout le bonheur que tu mérites….

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