CII – English Immersion Camp Training


Now that the Spanish Immersion Camp is over, we had a full 24hrs of free time to go out in the town of Mercedes and relax at the camp… before we started the week-long training of the English Immersion camps. Needless to say, the training camp is also packed with activities and preparation of the future camps for this year.

As part of the CII Teach Argentina program, the teachers are required to take part as a counsellor into one or more English Immersion camp, where Argentine students come at the Borough for a full English immersive experience (3 days). Each camp is built on a specific team, for example a Spy camp, a Murder Mystery or Woodstock. During these 3 days, the students will eat typical English or American food, play sports and participate in activities related to the theme. One of our job was to help develop new themes for this year camps – which also means we had to go back to the drawing board and try to come up with good ideas that could be used by any of the counsellors in the future.

My team worked on a Murder Mystery in the 20s, and we gave it a twist of Agatha Christie’s/Cluedo. They run about 70 camps a year across the country now, mainly at the Borough venue, but also in some countryside areas in other provinces. We will know later on if we get to participate in a camp or not, depending of each teacher’s abilities, interests and placement location.

It definitely was another intense week at the Borough, which ended up after 14 days sharing the small camp and its facilities with the same 50 folks. I think for all of us it was a relief but also very sad to say goodbye – it is most likely the last time that everybody is together at the same place!

And off went – 45 native English speakers sent off in all the corners of Argentina for the next few months. I was lucky to get a Bed Suite in the bus (YES, because there is such a thing here) so I can travel comfortably my 12hrs ride to my placement in Viedma. Wine, food, coffee included, with movie and music. Basically, more comfortable than a plane!

And now the actual work starts!


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