Ipanema Beach, SUP and quick Sao Paulo tour


On our last day in Rio, we went to explore another very well-known beach – Ipanema! We took the metro and had our little tourist moment of “I look stupid because I don’t know how to use my metro ticket in their machines”… until a nice Brazilian lady helped us out (ha!)… It was about 30min trip from our hostel and glad it wasn’t that much longer as the sun was bright… again!

We walked on the end of the beach near the Guard Building 7, into the Forte Copacabana area (very nice for views of the beach!). We also decided to go for a short ride of Stand Up Paddle (30R for 30min, or 50R for 1h, directly from the stand at the beach)! It was refreshing to be on the water again, even if just for a short time.

We flew back to Sao Paulo that evening (after waiting for our private shuttle taxi organized by the hostel, which was 1h40 late… good thing we booked it far in advance… I will write up more details and reviews about the hostels I stayed at in a later post). The cooler weather was very welcome when we arrived! For my friend’s last day with me on this trip, we decided to join a free walking tour of Vila Madalena, the neibourhood where our hostel is located. You can check out Sao Paulo Free Walking Tours for the details. The tour is entirely free and works by tips to the tour guide, based on how much you enjoyed it!

Turned out it was a special day where they actually filmed their new promotion video (to be released this coming April), so we’ll also be superstars before we know it! The tour was about 3hrs and we visited the well known Batman Alley and the Learner’s Alley where street artists can do amazing “graffitis” on the walls. It is also the district where a lot of the nightlife and good restaurants are happening.

Tonight I wil be enjoying a free pasta dinner at my hostel, and getting some rest for the next leg of the trip! Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Argentina to start my teaching contract!

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