Christ the Redeemer – Rio de Janeiro


On what I believe to be our third day in Rio, we left our hostel in the morning to head to the famous Christ the Redeemer statue (on top of the Corcovado Mountain). The statue is located in the National Park of Tijuca and has been finalized in 1931. The statue is 30m high without it’s 8m piedestal… It looks tiny when you look at it from Rio Centro but up close it is pretty impressive!

From what we have been told there are a few ways to actually get there (because that’s sort of a challenge)! A few companies offer full city tours including the Christ tour, however I would be worried about being rushed to see everything. I guess if you are really short on time that can be a valuable option. Other option is to take a cab all the way to the top and then take the tram… Which sounds coool – but realistically there is a 1-2hrs line up in the sun without shade, and I’ve heard the tram ride is 20min and gets really warm… So obviously we skipped that one. Other option was to walk up (ahaha as a great hiker you would think so… but Rio is too warm for me!).

So here we went with our final option: staying in a hostel in Copacabana we walked to the main square near Princess Isabelle street (at Avenida Atlantico) and purchase our ticket there. It included full access to the site plus mini-van shuttle up and down for 51R (low season). Mini-vans had AC so I was hooked! The drive up when well and was smooth, going up the mountain on the winding road. It took around 50 minutes or so. The van drops you off at the summit right at the entrance gate, and comes back for pick up every 15minutes or so. We did not enjoy our drive back down, as our driver was a bit too crazy for us… but we made it!

Now. Once you get out of that mini-van, get ready! This has to be the most touristic attraction in Rio and there is a crowd! We have also realized today that us Canadians are way too kind and get pushed around easily in crowds… so we had to step up our game! Make yourself a spot and take these selfies! There are a few places to buy some food and drinks at the top – take some time to relax before heading back out in the sun!

The statue in itself is the attraction, so do not expect much more than that when you get up there. I think it’s a must that can be done in a few hours! I’ve heard that sunset is the best time to visit as you have a great view on the city – but some mini-van and tour operators pick-up at 18:30pm at the latest, which is too early for sunset.




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