Ready or not – here I go!


After months of preparation and planning, the D Day has finally arrived! I am on my way down to South America for my first stops – Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro! Let’s say it’s my vacation before getting down to Argentina and teaching for 3 months!

After emotional goodbyes this morning, I am now waiting for my connection in Seattle to Washington DC where I will meet up with my friend from Québec. After a total of about 24hrs of transit door to door we are expecting to land in Brazil tomorrow at 10h40 AM.

Of course I have over packed my bags – but I blame it on my teaching program which required me to bring bunch of props and typical Canadian candies (hello 2kg of sugar!) to share with the students participating in the English Immersion camps. Good part is I will get to leave some of that stuff behind within the first 2 weeks of my trip.

On that note – I will go read about Brazil and practice my non-existent knowledge of Portuguese!



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