Jug Island, Belcarra Regional Park, BC

20160123_122924Distance from Vancouver: 1h
2hrs, 5.5km
Elevation gain: 100m

This was my first time doing this hike (in January!). It’s a good one to keep in mind if you feel like doing a nice walk in the park during the winter time. I would assume this area gets pretty busy during the summer, where the park is easily accessible by car and the picnic area must get crowded. There is a quay at the Belcarra Picnic area where some people do crabbing and fish from the dock.

The trailhead for the Jug Island trail starts at the East side of the Picnic area, and shortly after crosses the Belcarra road. Follow the indications towards the Jug Island trail. This isn’t a difficult trail, however there is a lot of up and downs, some with stairs and a larger path. The trail becomes more rocky with some roots and a bit of mud towards the end, but overall it’s a very easy terrain!

The beach is quite long and you can see people sailing, kayaking and even exploring on the island just accross the water. Perfect for a short week-end adventure!



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