Big preparations for South America!

In the last year I’ve been getting myself ready for my next big adventure! After a * very * long thought process, I’ve decided to go back to school and get my teacher’s degree this year. Last winter I also obtained my TESOL 100hrs certification so I could teach and travel abroad. Before I get back to school for an intensive year, I’ve decided to treat myself and follow one of my biggest dream of travelling, working abroad and also learning Spanish!

The first big step is coming in a few weeks, as I will be flying out to South America in mid-February and taking part of CII – Teach Argentina program, where I will be teaching English for a few months. I am super excited about this opportunity and working hard to get everything ready in the next few weeks (leaving my permanent government job, selling my furniture and my baby car, putting my few possessions in storage, getting my vaccination updates, deciding what to pack and saying goodbyes!).

I have applied for this teaching experience through ESLstarter Argentina, which I found through my job advisor at Oxford Seminars (TESOL course). The application process was quite intense, including essays, forms and making 2 videos on specific topics. One of them included a video showing a skill or hobby that you have, and that you could possibly share with the students. I decided to talk about my blog and made a ‘behind the scene’ video of one of my hiking trips (Brandywine Mountain, last September).  I decided today to share this video with you! Background music is from Hey Ocean!

I will keep regular updates about my trip, hikes, adventures and others in the next 6-7 months!



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