Hollyburn Mountain, Cypress Mountain

7km, 3.5hrs
Elevation gain: 450m
Distance from Vancouver: 45min

I haven’t done this hike in a long time, and today with the nice blue sky (after days of heavy heavy rain!) we decided to go enjoy the sun on the top of Cypress! This hike starts from the Cross-country ski area on Cypress (about 2 minutes from main Cypress parking lot). There is a summer and a winter trail. Today we took the summer trail because the snow isn’t thick enough yet to use the winter/snowshoe trail.

The trail starts right in front of the parking lot and goes up left on the mountain. The summer trail is nice because you go in and out of the forest along the trail. The last portion of the trail is the steepest and takes you on Hollyburn summit where you will have a 360 view of the North Shore mountains and Howe Sound. Come back down the way you came and make sure you enjoy the view of the Fraser Valley and Vancouver as you hike back!


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