Chica Locca tour, Punta de Mita, Nayarit – Mexico


During our trip to Sayulita, Mexico, we wanted to do at least one day excursion on the ocean. After doing some research, we made our choice and decided to book a day tour with Chica Locca tours. The main office in Sayulita is located meters away from the main plaza in town, not far from Choco Banana restaurant. We booked about 2 days before based on our schedule and were ready at 8:30am to start the day.

DSC02264 DSC02267

A ‘bus’ comes and pick up everybody in Sayulita near the main office and leaves around 9am. It takes about 30-40 minutes to drive to Punta de Mita port where the boat is. The crew was all ready for us to arrive and welcomed us on the boat, ready to serve our included breakfast and drinks! The tour was 105$ CAD and includes transportation, breakfast, lunch, snacks, open bar, really friendly staff that take care of all your needs, snorkelling, paddle boards, kayaks, water slides off the boat, swimming tour into the Marieta Islands and lots of fun!

I have to say I was very surprised by the quality of the service we had with the staff! The guys were really nice, ready to help (they even got me a nice clean towel when I got pooped on by a Booby (bird) when I was sitting at the front of the boat……. karma?), lifeguards, coming out in the water with us, guiding us, taking photos with GoPros and nice DSLR, etc.

We stopped at the Marieta Islands for about 1h30 before heading for a snokel. We could go out on SUP, kayaks, just swim around the boat, stay on the boat… It was nice to have options for everybody depending on what you feel comfortable doing. We then swam and snorkelled on our way to the Marieta Islands inside beach, where you have to go through a tunnel to access this inside hidden beach, which was created by the water carving the rock over time.

The Marieta Islands are about 1km of surface, where more than 50 different species of birds live. It’s a protected area and no one is allowed to walk on them (but you can swim around!). After the snorkelling we went back towards the mainland, where we stopped for another 1h30 to enjoy the boat a bit more before going back to port. We were back to the port around 5pm or so, and back in Sayulita just before 6pm!

I know there are many companies that offer a similar tour, but I would strongly recommend the Chica Locca tours! It was definitely a highlight of our week!



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