Rancho Mi Chaparrita, Sayulita, Mexico


During out trip to Sayulita, Mexico, we decided to use our last few dollars to do some horseback riding. I’ve done a lot of it when I was growing up, but I never had the chance to actually ride on the beach (cheesy but, who never dreams of this?)! We walked to the office on the North side of the town and booked our ride for the next day. The Ranch with the horses is located about 6km away from the main office in town, and you can access it through the longer rides (min. 2h tours).

We booked for the 1h tour (35$ US, which was pretty much everything we had left. No wonder why we enjoyed the 20 pesos tacos so much!), which leaves from the main office, then ride towards the North on Sayulita beach, passes through the jungle to la Playa de Amor, and go up in the jungle to a view point where you can see a nice 360 of the region and the beaches! Our guide told us that during high season (February…) you can see the dolphins and the whales from that view point!

Our guide was amazing! He grabbed my camera about 5-10min after we started the tour and took tons of photos and videos of us riding during the hour. Best memory ever! We also had the chance to do quite a bit of gallop on the beach, where the horses are just having the time of their lives. By the way, unlike a lot of places where you will hear that the horses in touristy places are not well taken care of, I have found that our horses where very healthy and amazingly trained!


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