Fly fishing – Denali, Alaska


Distance from Vancouver: 7 days cruise, 2 days bus!

I already posted a few shore excursions that I had the chance to do during my Denali-Express cruise last year. One of the great activities we did while inland (we stayed 1 night just at the entrance of the Denali National Park) is to go river fly fishing!

I am personally not a big fan of fishing, however my Mom’s dream has always been to go fly fishing while standing in a river, so here we went!

With the tour, we had pick-up from our hotel to go directly to the activity. It was quite an interesting experience – pick-up was after dinner, maybe around 7pm or so, and we had to drive back down on the highway for about 30 minutes. The organizing company was Denali Fly Fishing Guides and they took us to their ‘headquarters’ where we got all our fishing gear. From there, we jumped in their mini-van and drove another good 30-40 minutes up to the river.

From there we separated a little bit to be far enough for all of us to catch some fish! I was blessed with beginner’s luck and was able to catch 8-9 fishes with the help of one of the guide. The interesting part is that because of the late sunset, we were up fishing until about 10-10:30PM (when most of the photos were taken!). It was also raining for us, but it added to the experience with the fog covering part of the mountains around us.

Even for me who’s a total beginner and not especially a fishing fan, I have to say it was one of the highlights of my time inland!


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