Stand Up Paddle – Windsurf – Kayaking – Sailing – Jericho


Distance from Vancouver: 0!

I realized that I have been posting a lot of trips away from Vancouver lately, but not much closer to town. Having a foot injury right now, I have been limited in my hiking this year. But I still try my best to be very active and have again this year got a membership at the Jericho Sailing Association to enjoy the water when in town. There are many clubs you could join depending on what works the best for you and which fleets you would like to have access to. I was with Locarno Club last year and have switch to UBC Club this summer to try it out. I personally end up doing SUP most of the time, but these clubs offer really affordable courses for rowing, kayaking, SUP, windsurfing and sailing.

With the membership you also get access to changing rooms/showers and a member’s lounge, with member’s only zone on the patio at the restaurant. It is my favorite place in town! You can chose to paddle towards Kitsilano or towards UBC for quite a while. Just keep in mind the tides and the wind on your way back!

You can also get short rentals if you don’t want to become a member yet.


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