Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes, Chilliwack, BC

Lindeman Lake
Lindeman Lake

To Lindeman: about 7km, 1h30 round-trip
To Greendrop: 10.4 km, about 6h round-trip
Elevation gain: Roughly 500m to Greendrop Lake
Driving distance from Vancouver: 2hrs

In Chilliwack take the Chilliwack Lake Road, just before the bridge crossing the river at the end of Vedder Road. Keep following the lake road until you see a sign for Lindeman/Greendrop/Flora Lake (about 40km from the bridge junction).

I have done this trail 3 times already and have to admit this year was a bit disappointing. They have opened up the trailhead to make it more accessible, which has now become a large parking lot trailhead. It used to be a quiet trail, but now has become quite crowded with a lot of ‘non-hikers’ around. I have seen empty cans and rubbish left on the trail, between rock, and even some water bottles floating on the water. I’m a bit concerned to see how this area will turn out in a few years.

Despite that, Lindeman Lake is a really nice, easy and beautiful hike to do (family friendly, too). The lake is very cold but can be accessed with a 45min hike from the trailhead . There are 6 camping platforms (5$/night, to be paid online ahead of time) at Lindeman Lake. If you want you can keep hiking on the left side of the lake and follow the trail (orange markers) all the way to Greendrop. It will take about 2 more hours to get to Greendrop. There are lots of boulder fields, forest sections and now a high elevation gain on this trail. However make sure to watch your step – lots of loose rocks that can be dangerous. I am recovering from a foot injury right now so I took a bit more time to make sure the rocks were stable before stepping on… I might have lost some of my mountain goat abilities!

We met some people heading to Greendrop on our way back to Lindeman and had to suggest them not to go all the way, based on the minimum (inexistant) gear and amount of water they were carrying late in the afternoon. There are 6 additional camping spots at Greendrop. Make sure not to take the Flora Lake Loop trail on your way to Greendrop (it is marked) unless you have enough time to complete it! I have never been to Flora but heard it’s a very long trail with a lot of route finding.

We’ve been told that fishing is great at Greendrop, but not so much at Lindeman! Good to know if you are planning on carrying your gear!


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