Joffres Lake, Winter trail, Pemberton – January 2015

Second lake
Second lake

4hrs, 10km
Elevation gain: 400m
Driving distance from Vancouver: about 3-4hrs in winter conditions

The winter trails follow the new summer trail that was finished in the last 2 summers. We followed the well marked snowshoe trail (snowshoes probably not necessary due to the amount of people on the trail that day!) up to the second lake, where we crossed the lake near the shore. The last part of the trail heads to the third and upper lake, where we can see Joffres Peak and Matier Glacier. We hiked up to the end of the trail, had lunch and headed back down. It took us about 3h30 including our lunch time, at a moderate pace. Most of the way to the Upper Lake is a light, constant uphill (I found it a bit steeper than what I could remember from the summer trail, but I have also been a bit out of shape, so it might not be the best observation!!).

There was a few groups camping near the 1st lake, and we also saw some groups heading to the Upper Lake and around for overnight trip, but I am unsure where they set camp over there. There is avalanche terrain around the Upper Lake so any camping should be done careful in the area.

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