Buntzen Lake, TriCities, BC

3hrs, 10km
Elevation gain: 110m
1h driving time from Vancouver

We did this hike (which I considered as a leisure long walk in the forest) at the end of November, just before we had our first snow in Vancouver. The trail is located in Port Moody and is on a BC Hydro man-made land, but there is very nice beaches with picnic areas as well as numerous trails in the forest. The Buntzen lake trail loops around the lake from the parking lot. Be mindful of the opening times of the park, as they close the access gate to the parking lot at different times depending on the season (for late November it closed at 4:30pm/dark time).

From the Parking lot, head South towards the south beach. Then, get on the Energy trail following the indications for the Floating Bridge/Buntzen Lake trail. You will soon arrive to the floating bridge crossing on the other side of the lake. From there follow the signs for the Buntzen Lake trail, heading North. That side of the lake is the ‘most difficult’ where you will get the elevation gain. There are a few view points on the trail that you can go (we didn’t do any that were a detour from the main trail).

Once you walk near the powerlines you will be almost at the north tip of the trail that then loops back southbound on the other side of the lake (after you cross a nice suspension bridge). Keep following the Buntzen lake trail until you reach the beach again and then the parking lot.


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