July Mountain – Coquihalla

Elevation gain : Roughly 1040m
Driving time from Vancouver : 3h
Summit: 2124m

We had an early start from the Coquihalla Lodges and headed to the trailhead. You will have to take the highway 3 and Exit 231 for Mine Creek Road (not accessible through North bound). We followed the Juliet Creek Logging road for about 7km and then arrived in the valley below July Mountain. We crossed the lake and started a high ascent through the trees before getting to treeline. The snow was deep but we were able to follow some of the snowmobiles tracks (pheeww!). We went up the ridge and followed it through until we summit. It took us 6h40 to ascent from the parking lot to the summit of July. The views around are a 360 from the interior mountains and the coastal mountains. 3h30 to back track our way down to the parking lot.

DSC03376 DSC03383 DSC03386 DSC03392 DSC03395 DSC03396 DSC03402 DSC03408 DSC03411 DSC03414 DSC03417 DSC03427 DSC03430 DSC03431

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