Black Mountain through Horseshoebay/Eagle Bluffs

Elevation gain : 1184m
Driving time from Vancouver: 45min

There is a few different ways to access Black Mountain. The easy way (and most boring if you ask me :D!) is to drive up to Cypress Mountain and start hiking from there on the Eagle Bluffs trail. It is a large gravel trail and is pretty busy. This time we started in Horseshoe Bay, from Cranley Drive trailhead of the Trans Canada Trail, following the trail to Whyte Lake to join the Baden Powell up to Eagle Bluffs. The trail gets pretty steep (it’s definitely a good work out) and also passes a rock slide and a boulder field. The view from the Bluffs is spectacular! To avoid coming back down by the really steep way, we hiked up to Black Mountain and then to Cabin Lake where we had a quick swim. We went back down to Cypress parking lot and did a one-way trip (we left a car at each trailhead and shuttled!).

It’s a really nice hike and I would recommend doing it one way if you have 2 cars!

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