Alouette Mountain, Golden Ears Provincial Park

8hrs, 22km
Elevation gain: 1100m
Driving time from Vancouver: 1h30

This was a Wanderung hike organized by me on July 12th. Trailhead is easily accessible through the Golden Ears Park (parking at Mike Lake). Follow the Incline Trail until you reach the main fire access road.
NOTE: The trail is really well marked. There is 2 shortcuts that you can take to save some time (and a few km!) and they are worth taking. However, make sure you follow the signs for Alouette Mountain. We followed a different trail/shortcut that was marked only with flags in the trees (thought it was the first shortcut…) and we ended up in a pretty steep, untravelled path flagged by the logging guys… we ended up back on the trail eventually, but I wouldn’t recommend taking that road!)

You will hike in the old growth forest where the trees are amazing to see! There is a lot of deadfalls on the trails once in the forest, though… I would recommend using gaitors, as you will be jumping on and off big fallen trees and walking through bushes for a while! It took us about 4-5hrs to get up to the top, and a total of 8h30 to hike round-trip back to the car. We did take a long lunch break at the top (and got derouted from the first shortcut!).

The views at the top are great ; all the way to the Fraser Valley on one side, and some sights of Vancouver on the other. Also a great view on Golden Ears summit. I would definitely recommend!

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