Sigurd Creek, Squamish Valley

Elevation : 825m
9km, 5h-5h30
2h drive from Vancouver (if you find the trailhead right away!)

This is a great trail with great views on a clear day. Most of the trail is covered and there is an amazing stop at Crooked Falls ;  the biggest falls I’ve seen on a trail around Vancouver yet! The trailhead is a bit tricky to find ; past Squamish, turn left at the Alice Lake intersection. Keep following Squamish Valley Road (never turn right). Once you hit the gravel road (quite past Squamish Valley Campground), you will see on your left the river, and eventually see a not-so-inviting wooden bridge. THIS IS THE ONE YOU HAVE TO TAKE. If you keep going and see the 22¾ miles marker, YOU WENT TOO FAR. Once you cross the wooden bridge over the Squamish River, keep going for a little bit. You will cross 3 MORE BRIDGES. After the last bridge, the road turns right. Park on the right side of the road  ;  you should see the trailhead on the left and there is a sign on a big tree. The trailhead looks like an old road (large enough for one car) that goes up for about 15min before you get to an intersection and hit the real trail. From that point the trail is really well marked.


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