Tunnel Bluffs – Lions Bay


11km, 4hrs
Elevation : 480m
50 min drive from Vancouver

The trailhead is a bit tricky to find. You have to park in the southbound resting area/view point on the Sea-to-Sky highway between Brunswick and Porteau Cove exits. YES, you do have to run accross the highway to access the trailhead (yellow sign). Be careful…


The trail his pretty technical, with lots of fallen trees, rocks, rope, and it flattens at the top for the last 30min before the lookout.

DSC01558 DSC01559

There is about 5 viewpoints on the way to the top. Each of them are worth seeing.

DSC01563 DSC01564 DSC01571DSC01575

The trail is also a nice way to access Lions Bay, and to join trails heading to Hat Peak, Mt. Brunswick and Lions peak (much better than the old logging road that goes FOR EVER)… Not a popular trail from what I could find, so not busy at all (which is really appreciated, since the Chief has become Disney Land). We where short on time so we stopped at Tunnel Bluffs look out, but it would be worth going all the way to the other lookouts around! I will definitely go back there and try out the other trails.

DSC01577 DSC01578 DSC01579 DSC01592

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