Brohm Lake – Squamish

DSC01206 DSC01207 DSC01208


Elevation :100m
7.5km, 4-5h depending on the trails chosen

1h25 from Vancouver


Brohm Lake is about a 15min drive from Squamish in direction of Whistler. There is 2 different parking lots where you can access the trails ; the main parking lot gets really busy during the summer. It is walking distance from some beaches and the lake. You can walk around the lake and get to an amazing viewpoint of the Tantalus Mountain, where you can also enjoy the views of Zenith, Alpha and Omega peaks. Nice little stop on the highway.

Lots of people do cliff jumping in the lake ; be careful when you chose your spot. There is a commemorative plaque in the name of one of the kids who died trying to cliff jump and hit rocks too close to the bottom…

Otherwise, not too hard, enjoyable hike with great views… and warm water to swim!!



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