Mt Seymour – 1st peak

Wm9wy2AIqo9z-XD3tN1bo8nZwirgZkfa7JoVsaK_vqw eXOVbqUmx01Ds99AJFScaTd6QvT-CcyRaevPW5L2I6Q

Elevation : 450m
10km, 4h
45min from Vancouver

This is definitively my favorite snowshoe trail on the North Shore. If you only want a short hike you can stop at Brockton point on the way (the view point in front of the chairlifts) up and come back down. On a clear day, I would totally recommend to go up the first peak. Be aware that you are in backcountry and avalanche terrain. You should NOT leave the marked trail unless you have proper avalanche safety gear and proper training. Avoid entering the area when the avalanche risk is high!

The views are amazing and the effort considerable. A good training but short enough to be done in half a day and back home for other adventures !

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