Mount Baker Backcountry

Mount Baker Backcountry - Table Mountain Circuit

This picture was taken in March 2013. I am enjoying my hot chocolate in Mount Baker Backcountry with a group of skiers/splitboarders/snowshoers. The peak in the middle is Baker summit. One day, I’ll be going there, even closer. But for now… I’m off to practice my snowboarding skills!

We had the chance to have 3 amazing days in the backcountry, and stay at the Mounaineers Lodge on Mt. Baker. It is a great volunteered-based lodge where everybody has to sign up for a duty for the week-end.


On the first day we attempted to get to Shuksan Arm but we had to turn around because of the bad weather and low visibility.


On the second day, we totally lucked out… We did the Table Mountain Circuit in a deep powdery snow… Sunscreen mandatory!
7hrs snowshoe, elevation gain : I would just say : going up and down, up and down, up and down…


This 3 days trip with a group of complete strangers just reminded me of summer camps… And I was hooked again (as if I ever stopped anyway…). I decided to get going and get outdoor as much as I can in the next few months. Hopefully my next months/years will be spent in the backcountry even more !

*** Avalanche safety kit, including Beacon, shovel and probe mandatory for this trip… Real backcountry = emergency teams not always able to come for rescues… you are on your own out there! Make sure you are ready! ***

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