Campbell Lake – Harrison


Elevation : 700m
9km, 5-6h
2hrs from Vancouver

Early morning, leaving Vancouver at 7am and heading to Harrison Lake to do a nice hike with a friend. Campbell Lake trail (also called the Harrison Grind…… although it has nothing to do with our Grouse Grind…) is a nice 5-6h trail that offers a lot of different terrain. We took 6h for the round-trip up to the lake on Agassiz Mountain ; April 1st 2013, there was a lot (and I mean… A LOT) of fallen trees on the trail, which slowed us down a lot.


At that time we got forest, bushes, crossing over and under fallen trees, icy snow, slushy snow and mud, on a sunny day, and followed by the first gelato of the year on Harrison Lake’s dock.


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