Black Tusk – Garibaldi Lake – Panorama Ridge

DSCF4706 DSCF4725

Black Tusk
Elevation :  1740m
24km, 11h

We actually did an overnight trip and combine these 3 hikes. I would totally recommend doing that. It’s a long week-end, but really worth it. The detailed info for each hike is the info for a ‘day hike round-trip’. Distance from Vancouver : 1h45

DSCF4742 DSCF4755





Garibaldi Lake
Elevation : 820m
18km, 5h

DSCF4802 DSCF4806


Panorama Ridge
Elevation : 1520m
30km, 11h

DSCF4844 DSCF4854 DSCF4859 DSCF4869


We left Vancouver early in the morning and headed out to the trailhead. We hiked up to Taylor Meadows and pitch the tent. From there we took our daypacks and went up  Black Tusk… and then went back down to Garibaldi Lake to hang out, feets in the water. Then we walked back to Taylor Meadows for the night and a good dinner. In the morning we left early for Panorama Ridge, came back to the Meadows, packed the tent away and hiked back down to the parking lot. Over 20km and 20h of hiking in 2 days. That’s what I call a week-end!

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